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Do you want to play WII and WII U games on your PC? 

Dolphine - WII Emulator:

Would you like to play Nintendo Wii games or GameCube games directly on your PC?
Here's how it can be done:
First of all you need to download the Dolphine emulator which allows you to emulate the Wii and the GameCube from the link below:

Download emulatore Doplhine

Now it will be necessary to download the game roms free of charge (which legally you must also have purchased in the original version).
You can find many games in this link:

Download Roms

To play without problems you will need to buy the controllers (even non-original) of the Wii console or a gamepad for the GameCube.
You can find them online at a price of around 20 euros, by searching directly on Google.


CEMU - WII U Emulator:

Play Nintendo Wii U games directly on your PC.

In this paragraph the instructions for playing with your PC with WII U games.
To do this, you will need to install the CEMU emulator from this link:

Download CEMU



The roms of the Wii U games must now be downloaded (legally you will need to have an original copy purchased).
You can find them in this link:

Download Roms